Bidet BA 07 -- Coway

Bidet BA 07 -- Coway

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Product description

The Coway BA07 Bidet toilet seat features the latest wide spray technology, allowing you to change the water stream to 3 different widths for thorough cleaning. The BA07 Bidet installs in just minutes replacing your existing toilet seat; all parts are supplied. The heated seat has 3 temperature settings which is great for cold mornings while the instant warm water cleanses with an adjustable stream of warm water at the temperature you prefer and for as long as you like. The air dryer then blows warm air set at the temperature you desire to gently dry you.The wide wash stream water spray can be adjusted to very wide for your comfort on the bottom wash, while the twin nozzle system has both rear cleansing and ladies wash facilities for enhanced hygiene. Nano silver ceramic filters use the latest technology ensuring the water you wash with is even cleaner than the water you drink.